Thursday the 5th

Today it was just me and the girls, all our boys were away today. 

So we did a short lesson and sang some songs, then we went to the park to play.

One wanted to play on the swings the whole time while the other stayed in the sand pit.

They all had fun, even thou the weather was sunny with a cold wind.

after coming back and having Lunch it is story time. 

Wednesday the 4th

It is not alway easy to get use to a new school and teachers, but these little episodes don`t last long and soon the child is once again happy and playing.

Today we met a grandmother playing with her grandaughter in the park, and our kids formed an instand connection with them, and they all played happy together.

新しいスクールや先生に慣れるのは簡単ではないけれども、慣れるのに時間は掛からないし、すぐにまた元気に遊び出します。 今日私たちは公園でお孫さんと遊ぶご祖母さんに会い、すぐに仲良しになって一緒に楽しく遊びました。

Tuesday the 3rd

Today I meet our new student, I am sure she will enjoy her time here at Wakaba.

Our lessons went well, even our new Student did an excellant job. Im so happy.

Today is a bit cloudy but still we thought our kids deserved an extra long play in the park today.

They spent most of their time in the sandpit and on the slide.

windy Monday.

hi everyone,

how is life going? today all of our kids are so happy as we started a new lesson and they enjoyed their lesson all the time. they also sang, they danced and also played a lot. after completing our regular lesson we went to the park and enjoyed the whole time.they were so energetic today :)

have a beautiful day everyone :)

Wednesday the 25th

Today was a fairly normal day here at Wanaka, When the kids first arrive they usally play with the train set or the blocks, and they all say `hello` to me when I arrive.

Then it is clean up time,  the kid put away all the toys and go to the class room ready for morning lessons, after lessons have finished, we will either go to the park or have a long walk.

Today we went for a walk as one of the students was getting picked up early. Then it is time to get back to school for lunch, And once lunch is finished it more play time before story time and nap time. just a normal day at Wakaba.






Tuesday the 24th 2/24 火♢

Today we had another visitor come and join us and watch our lesson, our kids did well on their lessons and put on a good show for the guests too, thou it is hard to keep them focused when new people are far more interesting than thier boring old teacher. Afterwards we when to the park, the weather was a bit cloudy, but warm. I think it is the first time I have been to the park without my puffy jacket and woolly hat. Bring on Spring!!!! 





21st Saturday,2015 2/21(土)♢

hello everyone out there?

how are you all? it is so cold today. we started with hello song,weather song and all jolly phonics sounds. kids like these songs so much.

today we learned some new words too.

after completing our lessons we went to the park and enjoyed a lot...

we really had a wonderful time :)

hope you all have a great weekend.

take care :

こんにちは。みんな元気ですか? 今日も寒かったですね。

今日はハローソングから始まって、お天気の歌、ジョリーフォニックスの基礎の全部の歌をやりました。子供たちはこの歌が大好きです。  そして新しい言葉も習いました。



Thursday the 19th 2/19 木♢

We had just the younger kids today, so we went back to the beginning of the basic phonics sounds, taking many breaks and going back to lessons.

It seemed a nice sunny day, so we went of a walk around the neighbourhood, but when we got to the top of a hill it got very very windy.



Wednesday the 18th

Yay! the sun has come back, so we could venture down to the park and play on the swings, it was still abit wet to play in the sandpit and on the slide thou. never mind we had fun anyway.

But soon we are back at school doing our lesson, the older kids know the phonics sounds very well, so today we gave special attention to the others to help them along.





Tuesday the 17th


Oh no!  it was a bit wet today, so we can`t go out to play.

Well, we will just have to have extra story time instead.

The kids were happy to listen to a few extra books and play inside, hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow so we may go to the park.